Saturday, August 8, 2015

No perfection

   I read a motivational quote recently that stated that we should all strive for continuous improvement, instead of looking to be perfect. I felt uplifted by that, yet as I reflected on it, I could not understand how to apply it to life. Who decides what can be labeled "improvement"? What degree of improvement is enough? How do we aim for improvement if we aren't striving to be perfect? I don't want to make mistakes. I want to be the best person that I can be. I want others as well as myself to succeed, but I have more understanding when others mess up than I am on myself.  I know that rationally no one nor anything can be perfect yet that is what I want for myself.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Suppression book by Susan Marie Schulhof

    Suppression is a futuristic novel set in 2135, during a period of time when humankind is making major advances in communicating with one another and even traveling through thoughts alone. Twenty-four year old, Peyton Milner, lives with her parents and her brother in one of the few civilizations remaining and thriving in what is left of America after everything and everyone was almost obliterated by war. Peyton has been raised to place vast significance on one’s intelligence and the power of reasoning and logic in all decisions. She has a plan and purpose for her life until she and her best friend, Reese, wander into a local Art Gallery where she meets Dallas. She is drawn to him and to the sunsets he paints in ways that she can’t describe, ways that contradict all common sense and rationale.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Find purpose and meaning

    I have been struggling for years to understand the purpose and meaning of my life? Why am I here? What am I suppose to be doing? I love being a mom, but my daughters are all grown. I enjoyed being an infant teacher for thirteen years, but I was ready for a promotion. I get satisfaction and pleasure from being an Education Coordinator, but is this my purpose? Is this what I am suppose to be doing with my days? As I was walking out of a meeting today, it occurred to me that possibly, I am putting too much pressure on my family, as well as my career to be more than it is intended to be. Although there are many people whose purpose and career are aligned, does it need to be? Maybe my career just provides the means for me to pay the bills, so that perhaps I can discover and do my true purpose. I am taking the pressure off, and relaxing into the moment of now.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Excerpt of Suppression by Susan Marie Schulhof

Friday December 31, 2134
   I look at the gray envelope with the dark red ink in my hand. It was delivered one week ago to everyone over the age of sixteen. I turn it over and over in my hand looking at the front and at the back for any marking that I might have missed, as I have done, every day since I received it.

On the front of the envelope is printed simply:

Peyton Milner
100 Year Celebration of World Unification
Do not open until January 1, 2135
when instructed

Take the good with the challenges

   Let's reframe the phrase, "Take the good with the bad." Why do we need to define events and situations in our lives as bad? Just like other people, I have definitely had my ups and downs in my life. The times that would be defined as "the good" would be my wedding, my three children, traveling, a close family, as well as my writing my books. What could I define as "the bad"? In many ways, the same exact situations would be the bad. I ended up divorced; I worry about my children; there are always problems when traveling; maintaining a close family takes work and at times sorrow, and writing surely has it's joys and despair. These "bad" situations, events and even so called "evil" people have taught me so much about life, about others as well as about myself. How can I label anything as bad or evil if it produces so much good? Instead, in the future, I choose to "Take the good with the challenges."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life is lived in the little things

    Recently, I was reading a letter from my pen pal who is in prison. We had been writing about our summertime past times, and he said that he is used to being in prison now, but that he misses just going out on his father's boat, fishing with him. Often people talk about that on our death bed. They say that we will never wish that we worked more or spent more time away from our families, yet it is more than that. Life is lived in the little things. My hope is that I can remember that in my life and enjoy those simple moments with my family and even in my work.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What is your bait?

   At Willow Creek Community Church tonight Steve Carter spoke about temptations. He asked us to think about what our bait is? What in life pulls your focus off of God? Many people have behaviors and habits that keep them from God and even prevent them from being happy. As I thought about my life, I realized that it is good times and success that lures me away from church, prayer and ultimately God. Like some people are fair-weather friends, I am a bad weather friend to God. When my life is going well, and I am happy, then I forget to pray; I am too busy for church, and I ignore God and his promptings. Then when life is heading in the wrong direction, or I am confronted with sorrow and challenges, I wonder where God is and why he has deserted me. Are you like me or are there other things that lure you away from your faith?