Monday, October 17, 2016

Looking For the Good Blog

Although I love this blog, I am currently writing a blog called #lookingforthegood for ChicagoNow. Please follow me there since I post twice a week!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life changes again

As I sit here changing my address again for the third time in four years, I am reflecting on how much resistance I give to change in my life. I like to be challenged, but on my own terms, not because of situations in life that I seem to have no control over. It seems though that more I resist and fight these alterations, the more that I hurt. Today, I choose to focus on the positive and just lean into the changes coming my way, if I can.... 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

True success

 As I was reflecting on a conversation today, I had this insight about my philosophy of leadership. I believe that Leaders are only there to help others succeed. Yes, there are tasks to be done, and no we don't want to do their job for them, but we need to help them be successful in their roles. To me that is how I know that I am succeeding...whether my teachers are. It may take some discussions and brainstorming, but isn't that what it takes to "lead" others. If they can't see how to have success on her own, together we need to set goals, figure out a plan and determine how to achieve them. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Suppression...coming soon


...I am happy to be alive when I see the waves wash upon the shore, when I see the colors in the sky, when the rain falls slowly on a warm afternoon. It does not cost me anything to experience these gifts, and I do not need to travel to far lands or perform great feats to see this beauty. I only need to stop and notice the beauty that is all around me. I have come to understand that the joy that I experience does not come from the beauty that I see, but from the beauty that I feel, the beauty of a simple joy.

    “You,” she whispers again.
    “Oh Grandma. This was from your Grandma Sarah. Isn’t it?”
   She nods yes as I say, “It was written before the war, and you still have it and now you want me to have it?”
   She smiles and then closes her eyes.
   “Thank you Grandma. I will keep it safe. It is the best graduation gift that you could have given me.”

I read it one more time and put it in my purse. I am not sure where I can put it to keep it safe, but I will find a spot. After I am sure that she has fallen asleep, I turn off the light and head for the train home.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Will the waves take her under?

Riding Waves is a YA and NA Fiction Novel about learning to navigate the joys, as well as, the trials of growing up, falling in love and going to college. It appears that Harper’s life is heading in the direction of her dreams as she graduates from high school and begins to date her best friend’s charismatic older brother, Dan. As she struggles to balance her own needs with the demands of being in a relationship, she loses her best friend and is in danger of losing herself. She has some hard decisions to make when her choices lead her only to confusion and pain. While on vacation in Florida, she writes a poem comparing her own life to how she feels when body surfing. She realizes that just like in body surfing, she must decide which waves will take her to shore and towards her dreams, and which choices might take her under and cause her only pain. 
Can Harper ride the waves of life or will they take her under?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

We can all be enticed by the dark side

Many people are shocked by the characters that “turn bad” or go over to the dark side. Even I find myself wondering what could happen in a person’s life that would make them turn on their family, but then I look at what we place value on in society. We praise people who make lots of money. We value power, possessions, control and money. That ultimately is what the people are enticed by when they begin to make the choices of evil over good. We can all be enticed by the dark side.